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Why you love it...
"I used this pack to help me through my latest 6 week bulk, was really impressed with my energy levels and results!" Anna
Why we love it...

Combining the holy trinity of all things Vegan to deliver Mass and Power on an unrivalled scale to help you achieve your weightlifting goals, we’e brought together our A-Team, heroes that are at the cutting edge science, Vegan Protein Extreme combines with the straight up power found inside Creatine Extreme, all delivering plant based ammunition to fuel the toughest of workouts. Add in our Performance Caffeine and you’ve got a supercharged cocktail of nutritional legends to propel you to levels you didn’t think possible.



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Who is the Vegan Mass & Power Bundle For?

This is for those who like to challenge the norm, like us, we break boundaries and we know you want to too. Continual improvement is never easy though, and only the very best fuel will get you to the levels you need to reach those all important new PB’s. We’ve put together our very best, Extreme is not just a label for us, it’s a philosophy and both Vegan Protein Extreme and Creatine Extreme are perfect examples of just that, we left nothing on the table when we created our extremes range, creating a new dawn for sports nutrition.

What’s in the Vegan Mass & Power Bundle?

Vegan Protein Extreme (1kg)

Building on the legacy laid down by our Vegan Protein, our Vegan Protein Extreme is a masterpiece of all things plant based, packing more plant based power in each scoop than any other rival. Bold claim, we know, but dig into this wonder and you’ll see why. Starting with its core, a blend of 5 plant based proteins, Soy Protein Isolate, Hemp Protein, Faba Bean Protein and Sunflower Protein fuse together to create our most potent amino acid profile, along with 25g of Protein per serving, both slow and fast absorbing proteins to deliver a steady flow of Protein throughout the day. Good start, but let’s kick things up a notch. Glutamine is added to further provide the building blocks your body needs to repair and grow muscle fibres quicker than you can tear them. Decent, but we kept going, our greatest ever vitamin and mineral blend was then added, featuring no less than 20 active ingredients to keep you performing at your highest level, finally we added flaxseed and cacao powder to ensure you had a steady stream of healthy fats, for when your body needs to dip into those fat stores on long, hard training sessions.

Our innovative blend complete, there was one last finishing touch, our Premium Flavourings, used since the doors opened way back in 2012 these formulas are a closely guarded secret at TPW Towers, and No, we’re not about to pass on our secrets any time soon, but you can be rest assured that when it comes to flavours, we do it better than all the rest. While others (not naming names) leave you feeling disappointed and with a somewhat grainy texture, our Flavoury delivers time and time again, smooth, punchy and straight up delicious shakes that leave you satisfied.

Creatine Extreme (400g)

Creatine is a well known, well used, safe and 100% recommended supplement for anyone looking to utilise all the power and strength their body can muster. Creatine is rich, oprah rich, in your body's energy currency, supplying your body with the enzymes it needs to create ATP which is later broken down in your muscles, which then releases energy.

However, creatine can only be consumed in a diet via animal meats. Meaning anyone on a plant based diet, either needs to not use creatine (crazy people) or supplement with a naturally sourced version (smart people). So what makes creatine extreme ‘extreme’ a label, as we know, fit for only the finest. And finest is where we start, with the finest, 100% pure, micronised creatine, not just once, but from the 5 best creatine sources known in sports nutrition. All these combine to deliver 7g of creatine per serving. Great, but how does that get into your body, how do we make sure it’s all absorbed? Well with a little pinch of TPW Magic in the form of Glycine, Taurine and Dextrose, all of which have been scientifically shown to increase the absorption and uptake of creatine into the body.

Now we’re talking, but obviously we didn’t stop there, that’s not how we do things here. To make it true next level innovation, we added 2 final compounds. Firstly Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) was added for that added ‘Pump’, increasing the vascularity of your muscles, allowing our creatine blend to transport around the body quicker. Last, but by no means least, we added Beta Alanine, Creatines partner in crime, which again, has been the subject of many studies which show, that when combined with creatine, it creates an increased level of strength, power and endurance. This is the level of detail we go to when we say extreme, and it’s for that reason, we know the only thing stopping you breaking those PB’s is you, we’ve provided the fuel right here.

Performance Caffeine (180 Capsules)

Pure Performance Caffeine is one of the most simple, yet most substantial supplements you can add to your daily routine. The positive effects of caffeine are well documented, and it is regularly used by athletes as a pre workout boost. Our Pure Performance Caffeine contains a potent 200mg of Caffeine sourced from the purest of sources, that when taken 45 minutes before working out can give you the drive and focus you need to power through even the toughest of workouts.

Metal Protein Shaker (Colour May Vary)

Not all protein shakers are created equally, and this is made very clear the moment you first clasp your hands around this shiny number. Sturdy, strong and straight up cool, the TPW stainless shakers are the perfect combination of style and substance. Complete with a leak free, secure fit lock and the latest german engineered mixing technology you can be sure that our shakes will be smooth and silky with this bad boy!

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See each product page for individual product ingredients.

See each product page for individual product ingredients.


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