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“Love mulberries. Back in my country we had a mulberry tree in my house. This item is very delicious!” – Kamran
Why we love it...
Sundried Mulberries have a sweet delicate flavour and come packed with essential nutrients, making them a true superfruit with a distinctive, chewy texture. Mulberries are known as a source of essential nutrients and protein. They’re ideal to enjoy as a healthy snack.



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What Are Sundried Mulberries?

TPW™ Sundried Mulberries are a delicious heathy snack, sourced from the absolute finest mulberries on the planet, which have been grown on the plains of Turkey for thousands of years. With a light, sweet taste similar to a raisin, it’s pretty easy to see why the mulberry has been prized by the natives for so long. When you add in the fact that Sundried Mulberries are so nutrient dense- providing a source of essential nutrients and protein, you’ll see the reputation of a superfruit is well deserved.

Sundried Mulberries from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have a distinctive, chewy texture that you could compare to a fig, and make a great healthy snack to enjoy any time of day. They also make a delicious topping for cereal, porridge or as an ingredient in a smoothie. Plus, because they’re included in the TPW™ Raw & Pure range, you can be absolutely sure that there is no added sugar in our Sundried Mulberries, they’re just as nature intended.

How Are Sundried Mulberries Made?

Our Sundried Mulberries are harvested using the same, traditional techniques that local farmers have been using for centuries. Firstly, when the berries are perfectly ripe, the tree is shaken and then only the most juicy, delicious berries selected. Then, they’re left to naturally dry in the sun to create that famous, chewy texture that mulberries are famous for. We aren’t kidding when we say you’ll be blown away by taste of these little beauties.

The TPW™ Raw & Pure Range

The TPW Raw & Pure™ range brings you the finest collection of products for those that like it clean and naked. Offering some little gems from all across the natural world, along with some awesome taste-bud-tickling, exclusive combinations created by the legendary TPW™ innovations team. Once you go Raw & Pure… we’re sure you’ll want more!

Sundried Mulberries Berries Quality Assurance

Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. We are also the only brand to offer a Lifetime Guarantee across its products giving you absolute peace of mind.

01 July 2016

Super gode på grød og granola om morgenen. Giver en sød smag og gør at man lige tykker lidt mere på maden, så du giver dig god til at spise og får en god mæthedsfornemmelse

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Spis når som helst på dagen som en sund snack. Soltørrede Morbær kan også anvendes som topping på havregryn, morgenmadsprodukter og grød.

Hvad smager Soltørrede Morbær af?

Soltørrede morbær have en let delikat smag, som oftes bliver beskrevet som lignende smagen af rosiner, med en tekstur lignende figners.

Hvor kommer Soltørrede Morbær fra?

TPW™ Soltørrede Morbær er stammer fra sletterne i Tyrkiet, hvor de har været en del af den lokale kost i århundreder.

Hvornår bør man spise Soltørrede Morbær?

Soltørrede Morbær kan spises når som helst på dagen som en sund snack og kan også bruges som topping på morgenmadsprodukter og grød.

Er der nogle specifikke sundhedsfordele i forbindelse med Soltørrede Morbær?

Soltørrede Morbær er kendt som en super god kilde til essentielle næringsstoffer samt protein.

Hvilke, hvis nogle, bivirkninger er der ved at spise Soltørrende Morbær?

Vi har ikke hørt om nogle bivirkninger som resultat af et indtag af Soltørrede Morbær.

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