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Why you love it...
"A rich chocolatey nut crunch, ace healthy snack to stop munchies, definitely kept me on track " - Ben
Why we love it...
We call it The Craving Killer! A deft name for something that’s so super healthy yet awesomely powerful at helping a sweet tooth stay on the right side of the tracks. Our Cacao Almond Nut Butter is an indulgent, chocolatey beast made with only 100% natural ingredients. A true nutty pleasure with the unique ability to be both indulgent and healthy, it has a rich and luxurious taste and texture & is a perfect source of good fats, fibre and superhero type energy! It’s been a journey in the making as we’ve sourced natural ingredients from around the globe to bring a new wave of nut butter greatness to our TPW™ Tribe.



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Protein Snack
Nut Butter
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What Is Cacao Almond Butter?

To put it simple, Cacao Almond Butter from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is the ultimate craving killer. Specifically made to help you through your chocolate temptation while offering some nutritional value.Like everyone here at TPW™ Towers, you'll want to dive straight in with a spoon. We are very proud to introduce this product- it's also Gluten Free and Vegan friendly!

Blending two of the greatest things in life and creating a tub load of taste bud tingling flavours, the mix of Almond Butter and Raw Cacao is a real treat and should be added to TPW™ Protein Pancakes to feel its full force.

Is Cacao Almond Butter good for you?

We’ve talked enough about the taste of this tub, for now! Let’s get into how Cacao Almond Butter can actually help you on your fitness journey. So, Cacao Almond Butter Is incredibly good for those who are on a journey to become the best version of themselves! Providing the body with Protein, Healthy Fats and insane flavour (Sorry couldn't resist). Its versatility is limitless, add it to a protein shake, add it to your bake mixes, or it eat straight from the tub. Interested yet? Take a look below at the nutritional health benefits it can provide.

Cacao Almond Butter Health Benefits?

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Cacao Almond Butter is unlike any other on the market. You can forget about all the famous supermarket brands, this is the real deal right here. We’ve kept the flavour and gone the extra mile when trying to do our utmost best to make sure its nutritional contents is unrivalled. For example, adding Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt over and above old boring normal salt, it's the little bits that count. Take a look below at a condense view of Cacao Almond Butter nutrient health benefits.

Calcium - Contributes towards normal muscle function, normal neurotransmission and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Copper - Contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

Fibre - Contributes to the maintenance of the digestive system

Protein - Contributes to muscle growth, maintenance and repair

Vitamin E -Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Why buy Cacao Almond Butter?

If you're a fan of keeping fit and healthy and also love the smooth luxurious taste of chocolate then this butter is for you. With its optimal blends of proteins, healthy fats and fibre, snacking can now become interesting. Go on, grab a spoon and get stuck in, we highly recommend you keep this one to yourself. As soon as your family gets hold, there won't be any left! Don't forget to take a look at the other Nut Butters we have on offer, including; Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, and Peanut Butter

Top 5 reasons to love TPW™ Best Cacao Almond Butter.

  • It taste’s Insane, better than common supermarket alternatives.
  • A great source of protein and dietary fat.
  • Contains Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
  • Its Vitamin E contents helps to contribute to the protection of cells
  • Again, It tastes so good!

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

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Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


RAWTELLA er utroligt alsidigt, du kan spise det rent som en lækker snack for at styre de søde chokoladecravings, tilføje en skefuld til dine protein shake for et lækkerts smags- og nærringsmæssigt boost, anvende det som ingrendiens i opskrifter eller blot bruge det som smørepålæg på nogenlunde alt!


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Sp. Hvad er Rawtella lavet af?

Sv. TPW™ Rawtella er en lækker chokolade- & hasselnøddesmørepålæg, lavet med intet andet end 100% naturlige ingredienser. Det er en kombination af hasselnøddesmør, vegansk kokosmælkspulver og økologisk jomfru kokosolie, blandet sammen for at skabe den ultimative og helt perfekte nøddesmørs bombe.

Sp. Hvornår på dagen spiser man Rawtella?

Sv. Rawtella er helt perfekt at indtage når som helst på dagen. Da det er nøddesmør- findes der ikke en bestem tidsramme hvori Rawtella bør indtages.

Sp. Er Rawtella egnet for vegetarer og veganere?

Sv. Jep, Rawtella er egnet for både vegetarer og veganere.

Sp. Er alle nøddesmør-produkter de samme, uanset hvilket mærke man vælger?

Sv. Nej det er de ikke. Blot fordi et produkt bliver kaldt rent, betyder det ikke nødvendigvis, at det er det. Vi anbefaler at du læser listen af ingredienser og næringsstoffer på labelen for en bedre forståelse af, hvad det er, du køber. Vi kan forsikre dig om, at vores produkter er 100% rene.

Sp. Hvilke, hvis nogle, bivirkninger er der ved at spise Rawtella?

Sv. Vi har ikke hørt om nogle bivirkninger ved at spise Rawtella.

Sp. Kan jeg blande min Rawtella med andre ting?

Sv. Ja absolut! Rawtella er perfekt som smørepålæg, til at booste din protein shake og endda som ingrediens i opskrifter. Laver du en vanvittig lækker opskrift så del den endeligt med os på Facebook eller Instagram - vi elsker at se jeres kreationer fra køkkenet!

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