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What is Biltong?

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Biltong is an incredibly lean, high Protein dried meat, ideal for those who enjoy a healthy snack on the go. Getting down to basics, Biltong is a strip of dried meat, which evolves from a delicate process of marinating, seasoning and drying. Famously known as a stable part of South African Lifestyle. Biltong was originally made outdoors in the South African bushveld, naturally dried and hung from a tree over the course of a few days. Although very natural, this wasn't the most hygienic of ways, so commercially Biltong is now made in large dehydrators.

Only using the finest cuts of beef, Biltong is sliced and then dried with vinegar and salt, then hung in ‘biltong boxes’ at very low temperatures to avoid over-drying, meaning that even the highest of Biltong aficionados can't tell the differences between this and their wild air drying version. Once dried, it lands into the hand of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Nutritional Gurus. Here, they add the best kept secret of spice blends to make the insane flavours we all love. One serving of this incredible cured meat provides 42.6g of Protein, 6.7g of Fat, and 5.9g of Carbs, as well as a heap load of other nutrients.

What's the difference between Biltong and Beef Jerky?

Biltong and Beef Jerky are both part of the same Dried Meats family, they contain some very important fine details, that may help you choose between the two. The main differences between the two comes down to its ingredients, taste and production process. Firstly the texture.

Biltong is typically a thicker cut of meat compared to Beef Jerky, It’s also air dried rather than cooked, causing Biltong to have a thicker, higher moist complex than Beef Jerky. During the production, Biltong is marinated in vinegar and salt helping to cure and lock in the nutritionals giving it a tasty meaty flavour, whereas jerky is cooked, giving it a slight smoky taste. The nutritional breakdown of Beef jerky and Biltong are very similar, both contain a heap load of nutrients and protein, though as Biltong contains both higher protein and fat content, due to it being a different cut of meat.

Biltong Health Benefits?

Used by the indigenous people of South Africa for years, there's a reason why it has maintained its presence in daily diets of not just South Africans but also athletes worldwide. As we’ve described Biltong goes through a careful drying process, allowing the meat to store all its nutritional health benefits for those that love to keep a healthy and fit lifestyle. Take a look below at how Biltong could help you on your journey for fitness freedom, and what nutrients can be found in this mighty meat.

- Protein - Contributes to the maintenance of muscles mass.

Why Buy Biltong?

If you're looking to beef up your Protein intake while being able to enjoy a healthy on the go snack then Biltong could be for you. Providing your body with a heap load of nutritional benefits, adding this to your diet could see you reach your fitness goals quicker than ever. Simply add it to your bag for a perfect commuting companion, or pop it on your desk to save you from the dreaded macro killer of boredom eating. If the original flavour doesn’t Exercise Your Taste Buds™ then spice it up with our insane flavour blends including Chilli Chutney, Peri Peri Hot, and Teriyaki.

* Nutritional Information per serving based on Chilli Chutney Flavour

* Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and based on personal experience. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan. Nutritional Information per serving based on unflavoured.

08 July 2016

God værdi for pengene og god smag
Biltong har været en af mine favorit snacks længe, men man får altså ikke meget for pengene i diverse supermarkeder.

Med det her produkt får man virkelig noget for pengene og jeg kan anbefale folk at prøve Chilli Chutney smagen

Disclaimer: Customer reviews are independent and reflect customer's personal experiences. Individual results may vary. Products designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and training plan.


Indtag vores Biltong når som helst på dagen eller om aftenen for at øge dit indtag af protein.


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Q. Hvornår bør jeg tage Biltong?

A. Det afhænger af din livsstil og dine mål, men vi vil anbefale det når som helst du har brug for en proteinrig snack.

Q. Hvad er hovedårsagerne til at spise Biltong?

A. For at få en sund, nærings- og proteinrig snack som supplement til din kost.

Q. Er alle Biltong produkter de samme uanset hvilket brand, du vælger?

A. Kvaliteten af ingredienser kan variere betydeligt, og det kan effekten derfor også. Og bare fordi et produkt kaldes rent, betyder det ikke nødvendigvis, at det er det. Vi anbefaler, at du læser ingredienser og næringsindhold på etiketten for en bedre at forståelse af præcist, hvad du køber. Vi kan forsikre dig om, at vores produkter er 100% rene.

Q. Hvilke, hvis nogle, bivirkninger er der ved at spise Biltong?

A. Vi har ikke hørt om nogle grimme bivirkninger ved at spise Biltong.

Q. Kan jeg tage Biltong med andre tilskud?

A. Ja helt bestemt. Biltong er en helt fantastisk proteinsnack, men den går utrolig godt med hvilke som helst andre TPW™ kosttilskud.

Q. Hvem kan tage/ drage fordel af Biltong?

A. Enhver der ønsker at opnå fordelene ved en proteinrig kost eller søger en sund snacks.

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